About the Beat

An 80’s style synthpop track with driving bass, electronic drums, a chord synth, a lead synth, and an additional synth.

General Information:

Length: 3:23

Chord Progression: A – C – G – F (verse and chorus), A – A – A – A (bridge)

Song Form: 4 bar intro, 12 bar introductory chorus, 16 bar verse, 12 bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 12 bar chorus, 4 bar bridge, 2 ⅔ x 12 bar chorus

Technical Information:

Demo Licence: A standard quality Ogg Vorbis (functionally identical to MP3) file.

Commercial Licence: A maximum quality Ogg Vorbis file (near CD quality). If you buy the commercial licence, and want a full CD quality lossless file, please feel free to contact me through my producer page http://www.makehitmusic.com/producer/beatbug — just mention your username, and I will send it to you.

And please leave a comment if you use this beat — I’d love to hear what you’ve done.

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