The sound of music

Sound and music is a wonderful gift from Mother Earth. Every instrument and device that we use to create sound and music comes from Materials that are forged from the earth. (Wood, metals, plastics, skins, rubber, etc.) Mankind itself is a product of Mother Earth. Human voice along with all the sounds that we create are just vibrations that travel through the air. Music and song are a product of various sound vibrations that intertwine in a specific way that allows us to extract emotions, and communicate in a very special way, including and most importantly the ability to erase the barrier of spoken language . You can’t see music, you can’t hold music,and there is no right or wrong in music! Each of us possess the ability to create sound and music using whatever materials we choose to create a sound that pleasing to us. Whether it be through drums, saxophone, the human voice, sound samples, beat machines; we all possess the ability to create beautiful sounds which can be turned into complex sounds, rhythm, and music. Music alone is a gift to behold itself; but add the ebb and flow of the humans voice and you have the makings of a magical mix that can ingrain itself to anyone who listens.
Some of the sounds that Jimi Hendrix made on his guitar still can’t be replicated today and there are countless sounds yet to be discovered through the mixing and matching of different styles of sounds, objects and voices.
Don’t be afraid to search in new places for ideals that can help you create the sound that you’re looking for. It may be at your local park, a library, a gas station, the grocery store, or anywhere else that you may be. Try listening to a genre of music that’s most opposite to your favorite and you may just get that one thing that you’ve been looking for. Understanding that your sound can be anywhere is the first step in finding it.
– brILLIAnt thoughts

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