Prohibited Items Policy

MHM is not a curated marketplace. However, for a variety of reasons, we prohibit certain types of items from the MHM marketplace. Some items present legal risks to our community; others are inconsistent with our values, are harmful to our members, or simply are not in the spirit of MHM. This policy explains what is prohibited or restricted on MHM.

Pornography, Mature Items and Profanity
We draw the line at pornography. Beyond that, we don’t allow mature content or profanity so that people who are offended by this kind of material don’t have to see it. Pornographic or mature imagery cannot be used for your profile picture or product listings. Profanity cannot be used in your music listings or posts of any sort.

Although pornography can be difficult to define, an item generally qualifies as pornography when it is a particularly extreme or explicit version of mature content.

We define mature content as depictions of male or female genitalia, sexual activity or content, profane language, violent images and explicit types or representations of taxidermy.

Violent items: Music, imagery or posts that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence
We want MHM to be a safe place for everyone. While violent content can be a legitimate part of historical, educational, or artistic expression, it should never be used to promote or glorify violent acts against others.

We do not allow music or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others, including credible threats of harm or violence towards self or others.

  • Music, images, posts or any items that glorify human suffering or tragedies, including items that commemorate or honor serial killers
  • Music, images, posts or any items that attempt to exploit natural disasters or human tragedies
  • Music, images, posts or any items that encourage, glorify, or celebrate acts of violence against individuals or groups
  • Music, images, posts or any items that encourage self-mutilation, starvation, or other self-harm

Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred
We want MHM to be a community where people of all backgrounds, nationalities, religions, political affiliations, and even different types of musical taste feel welcome. Music is incredibly subjective, and what is offensive to one is not necessarily offensive to others.

MHM does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward people or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation (collectively, “protected groups”) or items or content that promote organizations or people with such views.

The following items are not allowed on MHM:

  • Music, images, posts or any items that support or commemorate current or historical hate groups, including propaganda or collectibles. Examples of hate groups include Nazi or Neo-Nazi groups, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) groups, white supremacist groups, misogynist groups, or groups that advocate an anti-gay, anti-immigrant, or Holocaust denial agenda.
  • Music, images, posts or any items that contain racial slurs or derogatory terms in reference to protected groups.

We hope these guidelines are helpful, but we cannot catalog every permitted or prohibited item.
We reserve the right to remove listings that we determine are not within the spirit of MHM. Such listings will be removed from the site, and the member’s selling privileges may be suspended and/or terminated.

If you see something on MHM that appears to violate these rules, you can report it to us