Why 99% of people fail. No matter how good your music is, you must have this secret to succeed.

It All Starts With BELIEF

Here is a story with 2 important lessons

There was this guy when he was a student taught himself how to play the guitar: He would work out some of his favorite songs strumming and singing a long: He would jam with some of his friends who seem to have far more gifted voices than him. He thought that his voice wasn’t that bad but wasn’t particularly great either.
He then started to write some rough song sketches and realized that his voice wasn’t up to scratch; he was determined to strengthen his vocals. He started to train his voice everyday by using a vocal coaching course on CD.

After three months he was able to use a studio late at night: he really wanted some backing vocals, so he met this girl who was majoring in music and vocals; she had an amazing voice. He asked her if she would do some harmonizing back ground vocals and she agreed. That night he was pretty nervous singing in front of anyone, especially in front of someone with a voice like hers. Needless to say, his vocals were pretty awful!
As he listen back to the tapes, he could hear that he needed a few more takes; but at that moment the girl with the amazing voice whom he had respected said, I wouldn’t say that you had the most natural of voices. His confidence plummeted and the girl with the amazing voice was no longer the girl with the amazing voice. She kept criticizing his voice as he was desperately trying to record a decent take. He felt all those months of vocal training had gone down the drain.

As they had finished for the night, she ended by saying, “Don’t worry about your voice, some people have it and others don’t”. Her tact was certainly not in the same league as her vocals: THE MISTAKE HE MADE WAS HE CHOSE TO BELIEVE HER.

A few years later he was at a party and there was a guitar in the room; someone mentioned that he played and they past him the guitar. He hadn’t really played in front of a group before and didn’t think of himself as a guitarist and he said why would he; the people whom he admired were masters in which he could never match in a lifetime of practice: he was also self taught so he had no form of music theory and technically his hand positions was completely wrong and all over the place.

He started playing something that he was working on and the room went quite; the pressure was immense he stated. When he had finished the people clapped and got on with their conversations. Someone he didn’t know came up to him and said you really can play the guitar well; I wish I could play like you. Imagine how he felt; his confidence went through the roof and he started to believe that maybe he could play the guitar after all and more importantly, he began to call himself a guitarist.

Nothing changed in his guitar skills before and after the performance: What did change was his attitude and self belief: He decided to own the label of guitarist, just as in the same way, he had chosen the label, not a vocalist.

Two very different experiences and two very different outcomes: However the most important thing to take from these examples is what they have in common: that is he chose to believe with both those people said and it is what we choose to believe that creates our outcome in life.



  1. Beat Stop

    very inspiring and true. many times we chose to believe people who criticize our talent. but we fail to realize talent is only a small part of being a entertainer or musician. Just be true to yourself and people will be true to you and respect you more. #MusicisLife #LetsWin.

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