About the Beat

Simple hip-hop backing track with electronica influences. Has synth bass, electronic drums, electronic piano, other synths, and vocal “hey”s on the last 4 choruses.

General Information

Length: 3:14

BPM: 100

Chord Progression: Cmi (entire song)

Song Form: 8 bar intro, 8 bar verse, 2 bar build, 8 bar chorus with riff, 1 bar fill, 16 bar verse, 2 bar build, 4 x 8 bar chorus with riff.

Technical Information

Demo Licence: A standard quality Ogg Vorbis (equivalent to MP3) file. Suitable for demos and mock-ups.

Commercial Licence: A CD quality (44.1kHz/16-bit), lossless FLAC file (equivalent to a WAV file).

And please leave a comment if you use this beat — I’d love to hear what you’ve done.

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